Beatriz Cavaleiro

When I was a little girl I invented a game to play with my little brother and my cousin. We had a small office in my grandmother’s house with a earth map. This office was full of books and other stuff that I thought it looked like buttons. Well, my obsession with the universe was so big back then, so my favourite game was to enter that spaceship and go on adventures between galaxies. Somewhere between my passion with space and my passion with arts, I choose to follow the second one. I’m so happy with that choice, because now I can create all this different galaxies through several media.

Beatriz Cavaleiro


Here I present you my fields of interest. I'm a scorpio so, as they say, I'm in love with a lot of things, but these are my top passions.


    Specially Graphic and UX-UI Design. Both of them because of the possibility to solve people's problems in a beautiful way. Because it's a subject that allows to find inspirations literally everywhere and most of all I will never know everything about it, so I'll never be bored.


    Fashion is one of my biggest passions. Since I was just a little girl making clothes for my dolls. I love everything about it, the fabrics, the colors, the drawings, the sewing, the way they can express a feeling or an idea.


    I love to take portraits of people in my analog camera and I also love to work on Illustrator. So I mixed both and now I have this project I'm obsessing about, that is making geometric portraits of people and characters.


    I love teaching. Create challenges for my students become the best creative versions of themselves. But in order to be a good teacher, I have to always be aware of the advances in Design, Culture, and everything really. To do that, I need to be always working and learning.


    I think being in contact with nature is being in contact with ourselves. It's so important to keep us sane. I enjoy taking care of plants, specially flowers. And I'm absolutely crazy about my dog, he looks like a mix of a wolf and a fox and he is the cutest.


    For me Magic is in all living things, even if those things are only alive in some parallel universe in our brains. Magic is creativity, love, colors, myths, super powers and double pink moons. Magic is being creative.